It’s Here! Live Bloggin’ from OES

There’s a buzz in the air here at Byington Chapter #177 and for once it’s not the bad ceiling fan! It’s December 8th and the Grand Chapter Officers have arrive, the feast is in final preparations, Christmas music is floating in the air, and the socializing has begun in earnest.

Dinner was a feast of pulled pork barbecue, Swedish meatballs, and all the delights of a fine meal, including candlelight (in the room where light means gale force winds).

The key arrived just a tad late, but the front door looked very festive and welcoming.

Whilst we all waited for the key to arrive, many huddled together in the cold so that we could better appreciate the warmth once inside.

Enjoying Christmas music and the nice company while awaiting the dinner bell.

Our own Maryann McAfee received 60-year membership recognition from the Acting Grand Worthy Patron Steve Boyer while Worthy Grand Matron Wanda Ryan and our Acting Conductress for the evening Cindy Wise look on.


Link to Grand Chapter of Kansas official Photo Site.

The Official Grand Photographer says she will post the pictures she took of our chapter event on this web site:
Grand Chapter Photo Site

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